Underground In New Zealand - dswphoto
A report from a visit to Waitomo, New Zealand for a fun day of caving:).

Paying utmost attention for the safety briefing before the abseil down.

Down into the abyss:). At ~100metres it is the world's deepest commercial cave abseil.

Only one hand:).

My sis bought me the trip for a birthday present.

Into the middle of the earth:).

From left, Cassandra from California, me, my sister Victoria, and hubby Steve.

Almost at the bottom of the descent.

Ready for landing.

Sandwiches & Muffins for lunch before heading into the dark.

My 'Rocky' pose:D.

Jumping in the deep end:)!

Clambering up the two rocks faces. Took a bit of co-ordination, especially wearing gumboots:)!

Not for the claustrophobic:)!

Luckily the water level wasn't too high after recents rains.

Steve squeezing his 6 foot 4 frame through.

Glow worms:).

At the end after 7 hours underground!

And back to the surface:).

At Auckland Airport, about to board the EK A380 for the flight back to Dubai:).

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