To Abu Dhabi For A Travel Magazine - dswphoto
A trip to Abu Dhabi for 'Going Places', the in-flight magazine for Malaysian Airlines.

At the local fish markets to check out the latest catch from the Arabian gulf.

Filleting some fresh fish.

At the local open-air fruit and vege markets.

With lots of fresh produce imported from all around the region.

In the kitchen of the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill at the Fairmont Abu Dhabi.

Preparing fresh carrots, asparagus and broccoli.

Chef Wesley Berghoff...

..putting the finishing touches... the Chateaubriand For 2 with steamed veg & roasted potatoes.

And with some of the team.

At the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi, preparing some sauce for on of the dishes.

The Chef de Cuisine, Christian Antoine, at the Ritz-Carlton restaurant, Giornotte.

Delicious cheesecake at the Ramadan buffet at Giornotte.

Floating Island dessert.

chocolate and date pops.

And more desserts at the Ramadan buffet.

Salad being prepared at the Ritz-Carlton.

Local art at Cafe Arabia.

Arabic Mezze at Cafe Arabia.

Last stop of the day at the Saudi Kitchen.

With the delicous lamb madfoon.

And the finished article in the October issue of 'Going Places' magazine.

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