A road trip from the U.A.E. to neighbouring Oman.

Destination: Suhar, Oman.

Day 1.

On Sheik Zayed Road in Dubai heading North.

Last minute for pitstop for some essientials.

On the road to Al Dhaid in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Outside the main mosque in Al Dhaid.

Through the Fujairah Mountains.

At the Airplane Scrapyard at Fujairah.

Beach football pitch in Kalba.

Mean looking Landcruiser at the Oman Border crossing.

Luckily I just had another 100k's to Suhar.

Selfie overlooking the Gulf Of Oman.

Al-Wadi Hotel for the one night stay in Suhar.

Local Currency.


Day 2.

A couple of well worn Toyota FJ40's in Suhar.

At the morning fish markets in Suhar.

Run aground.

26 liters for only $8.

The barren, rocky landscape on the way from Suhar to Al-Ain. Although the goats (far right) didn't seemed to mind.

Passport with the Oman exit stamp. Another 40k's to the UAE border though.

Not sure what the big structure over the highway was for, it looked pretty cool though.

About to cross over the border back into the UAE at Al-Ain.

Homeward bound on the Al-Ain Dubai highway.

The red sandy UAE desert at 40C.

Back in Dubai after 650+k's.

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