Day 7.

The sun peaking above the treeline on the morning of day 7.

I got the drone out again with my fourth and final charged battery.

Looking down on our camp with Sovrá mountain in the background and where we descended down from yesterday.

Lake Devddesjávri just in front.

Up close to the snow covered Sovrá mountain with an elevation of 708 meters.

High above the camp with the outline of the now dry river that feeds Lake Devddesjávri when the snow melts in summer.

The sun rising above Regoheapmi mountain on the horizon.

And a wide panorama with our camp bottom-left.

Warming up with a Nescafé cappuccino.

Instead of porridge for breakfast I opted for some cheese, salami and bread.

Ted chopping up the meat to distribute amongst the hungry dogs.

For our final mushing run we would have to back track slighty through the forest. Tor used some sticks to demonstrate the proper way to take a corner around trees. We had to only use the brakes sparingly to stop the sled changing direction mid-corner and hitting the trees.

The route for our final run would be an easy 12 kilometres, making our way anti-clockwise around Lake Devddesjávri before returning to the starting point where we departed from five days ago.

Heading off at full speed! I had been carrying 25kgs of dog food throughout the trip and finally got to offload and feed it to the dogs the previous night so the sled was running much lighter and faster today.

Negotiating the twists and turns through the trees in the forest.

Rising up one last hill.

Making our way around the edge of Lake Devddesjávri.

As we continued our way around the frozen lake we came upon quite a steep section we had to go down. Ted's wife, Lina, managed to lose her balance and went toppling over as her dogs continued at full pace down the hill! She bravely held on to her sled while being dragged all the way to the bottom where the dogs finally came to a stop. With some help from Ted she dusted herself off and we were soon on our way again though.

Høgskardfjellet mountain coming into view as we start to head downhill.

On the final straight.

And at the end of our epic five day mushing expedition! Before loading the dogs back on the trailer we reluctantly gave each of them a big hug and thank you for their unfailing and loyal service over the past few days.

Cold Arctic beer and sandwiches to celebrate a challenging and truly amazing experience!

After loading the dogs and sleds back on the trailer we began the ~3 hour drive back to Tromsø.

Stopping for a break in the town of Nordkjosbotn and managing to get cellphone reception for the first time in five days.

Back at the Villmarkssenter where we were treated to some pizza and garlic sauce (apparently a very Norwegian thing) for dinner.

I was totally exhausted so after a hot shower I retreated to my cabin at the Villmarkssenter for an early night.

Complete with some furry neighbours just out the window.

Day 8.

After a good sleep in a proper bed for the first time in almost a week, I headed to the dining gamme-hut for some strong Cowboy coffee and breakfast.

And then one last goodbye to O2, Baktus and the other dogs.

Back at Tromsø Airport for my 10:30am flight to Bergen.

At the gate with my boarding pass for my flight on Widerøe, a Norwegian regional airline.

Boarding the Embraer E190-E2 on time.

And climbing up above the snow-covered Norwegian Fjords.

Complimentary coffee, chocolates and a buy-on-board Kvikk Lunsj, a Norwegian Kit Kat.

Looking down on the centre of Bergen, a city of ~420,000 on the west cost of Norway and 460 kilometres west from the capital, Oslo.

While waiting for my bag and I was really impressed by the civility of my fellow passengers patiently waiting behind the line in front of the luggage belt. If only all airports could be like this!

A roped off and very scratched Lamborghini Gallardo and presumably some kind of modern art.

I then headed down the escalators to catch the light rail into Central Bergen.

Outside the Hotel Zander K in the centre of Bergen.

Upon check-in the hotel front desk congratulated me on staying in Bergen when it is not raining! Apparently the city averages 231 days of rain a year and is considered the rainiest city in Europe.

And my room for 930NOK ($107) for my one night stay.

I then headed out to explore the city. One of numerous troll murals, originating from Norse mythology and popular in Norwegian culture, about on the city buildings.

Grabbing a reindeer and lingonberry hot dog for lunch.

The local Starbucks in a beautiful historic building on Vetrlidsallmenningen.

Outside the famous wooden buildings of Bryggen looking out onto Vågen harbour.

The Bryggen was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Being made of wood there have been many fires during it's history, although a quarter of the buildings date from 1702 including the over 300 year old Bellgården building.

Treating myself to some Sjokoladekremkake (Chocolate Cream Cake) and complimentary tiramisu on Skostredet.

Some interesting seating outside Roll & Rock Diner. I then headed back to my hotel for a lazy afternoon nap.

Outside the local McDonalds on Bryggesporen as I headed out again for some dinner.

And people out enjoying the evening beside Vågen harbour.

For dinner I went to the Bergen fishmarket and settled for some tasty fish and chips at Fjellskål.

Looking across the harbour to Bryggen as dusk begins.

Vågen harbour with Bryggen again middle-left and the lights of the Fløibanen funicular railway tracing up the mountain of Fløyen in the background.

Looking out to Byfjorden with three Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) ships at dock below.

The AHTS vessels are used to handle anchors for oil rigs, tow them to location, and use them to secure the rigs in place.

I then headed back to the hotel after the relaxing and lazy day in Bergen.

Day 9.

After a good sleep I got up at 6am for an easy jog with a few laps around Lille Lungegårdsvannet, a small lake in the city centre.

And enjoying the extensive hotel breakfast buffet!

My original plan for today was to take it easy before catching the train to Oslo in the afternoon. Wanting to make the most of my time however I quickly found a 3 hour fjord cruise departing from Vågen harbour for a reasonable 650 NOK ($74).

After checking out and storing my bag at the hotel, I walked down to Zachariasbryggen for the fjord cruise to Mostraumen departing at 10am.

The cruise would make a round trip to Mostraumen strait before returning back to Bergen just after 1pm.

Bergen in the distance behind us as we cruise into Byfjorden.

About to pass under the Nordhordland Bridge that crosses the Salhusfjorden.

Following a ship as we continue up the Osterfjorden.

The catamaran cruised at 28 knots so even though the sun was out it was quite cool with the breeze on deck.

A waterfall cascading down the side of the fjord.

The mirror still waters of Romarheimsfjorden.

Looking back at the snow-sprinkled Mount Høgafjellet.

And at Mount Høganipa ahead.

Another of the many waterfalls we got to see on the fjord cruise.

And finally at the end of Romarheimsfjorden was the picturesque little village of Mo.

We turned starboard and slowly edged towards the nearby Bergsåa Waterfall.

Almost close enough to taste!

And returning to Bergen after the very enjoyable and scenic fjord cruise.

Passing the KL Saltfjord as we return to Vågen harbour.

Back onshore I headed for a short walk to Torgallmenningen, the main square of Bergen.

Then up the hill to Johanneskirken (St John's Church). Built in 1894 with seating for 1,250 it is Bergen's largest church.

Åpent vindu.

I was still full from my overindulgent breakfast so opted for an ice cream beside the harbour for a late lunch.

I then headed back to the hotel to pickup my bag and made the short walk to Bergen Station to catch the train to Oslo on the Bergensbanen (Bergen Line).

About to board the train with plenty of skiers for the 4pm departure.

And my seat in the Komfort section. The upgrade was only an extra 99 NOK ($11) and included complimentary coffee and slightly more spacious seating.

The journey to Oslo via Drammen was scheduled to take 6.5 hours over a total distance of 496 kilometres.

Passing by the village of Stanghelle as we get underway. In operation since 1909, the Bergensbanen includes 182 tunnels and is often ranked as one of Europe's most scenic rail journeys.

In the dining car for dinner.

With red wine, pizza and the obligatory garlic sauce.

Climbing up to the snow covered Hardangervidda plateau.

The Bergensbanen is the highest mainline railway line in Northern Europe, rising up to 1,237 metres (4,058 ft) above sea level.

Stopping at Finse Station in Ulvik Herad. Finse is the highest stop in the Norwegian rail system at 1222 meters above sea level.

Passing a frozen Lake Krøderen as we get closer to Oslo.

After rolling into Oslo Central Station ontime at 10:30pm, I made the short walk to the First Hotel Millennium on Tollbugata for my final night in Norway.

Day 10.

After a good sleep in I started my final day in Norway with another generous hotel breakfast.

I then went for a last wander though Central Oslo. A happenstance walk past the DJI Oslo store.

Outside, Stortingsbygningen, the Parliament building of Norway.

Rows of rental bikes on Stortingsgata.

The Royal Palace in Palace Park.

The over one hundred year old S/V Legend docked at Rådhusbryggene.

After collecting my bag from the hotel I headed back to Central Station to catch the Flytoget Airport Express to Oslo Airport to begin the journey home.

Airside where they had a very cool mirror display with an old air-cooled Porsche 911 opposite a brand new one.

At the gate with my boarding passes through to Dubai.

The Aeroflot A320 for the flight to Moscow.

And about to board the 737 at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport at the end of an incredible and unbelievable trip to Norway!

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