Day 3.

Dawn on the morning of day 3 with the weather seemingly not knowing if it wanted to be sunny or rainy.

I then headed out for a morning run.

The sky now overcast and some rain soon incoming.

After being soaked after the morning rain the skies quickly cleared up again in time for one last alfresco breakfast in Grand Baie.

At about 11am we packed the car, checked out of the hotel and then began the drive to the Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa via Bras d'Eau Public Beach.

Sugarcane fields on both sides of the tree-lined road. Unlike the highway from the airport to Grand Baie the roads were quite narrow and two lane only.

Stopping for a short hike in Bras D'Eau National Park. The national park is one of only two on the main island.

And at the white sand at Bras d'Eau Public Beach.

Obligatory cheesy 'foot in the sand' photo.

Bras d'Eau translates as 'Arm of Water' and refers to the body of water that winds it way inland between Belcourt Bay and Point Radeau.

Looking down on the Constance Prince Maurice Hotel.

A small islet bottom-left with rain falling in the distance.

We then went up the coast to Poste La Fayette Public Beach.

With the strong easterly wind coming straight in from the Indian ocean it was a popular place for kitesurfing.

They were quite impressive to see racing across the sea.

And braving the choppy surf as the waves break over the reef.

We then carried on to the Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa.

Welcome cool drink, towel and cookie at check in.

And our room for $240 for the night including dinner and breakfast for two.

I really loved the minimalist and simple design.

And the sea view from our balcony.

Getting my feet and sandals drenched as we went for a stroll along the beach.

The shell of a sea urchin washed ashore.

Unfortunately the wind steadily increased into the afternoon along with sporadic rain so we just chilled out in our room.

Once the rain abated I decided to chance my drone in the brisk sea breeze.

It handled the gusty winds with no issues whatsoever though.

The milky seas waves breaking over the reef with dark ominous clouds enveloping over the mountains in the distance.

The hotel was relatively new and opened in September 2015.

The sun about to set to the north-east.

And the hotel now all lit up at dusk.

In the evening we went to the main restaurant for the buffet dinner.

Oysters, shellfish salad and sea urchin to start.

Fish, chicken, calamari with some rice and paratha for the main.

And enjoying a selection of the tasty desserts at the end of day 3.

Day 4.

Although the rain had gone and the sun was back out shining this morning, the wind was still fairly strong and the sun loungers were all very empty.

Tasty crepes, bacon, sausage and samosas for breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

After checking out we started the drive across the island to the south-west corner to the Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort for our final night.

Stopping to admire the beautiful and often photographed tree-lined road leading to Alexander Falls.

The falls are located inside Black River Gorges National Park.

Establised in 1994, the park protects most of the island's remaining rainforest.

After the brief taste of nature we headed to Rhumerie de Chamarel, a rum distillery with its own sugarcane plantation in Chamarel. The tour was 400 rupees ($11) per person and luckily the next English tour was just starting.

The boutique distillery is one of the few remaining independent rum distilleries in the world.

Our guide showing us the machinery where the sugarcane is crushed and processed. It was undergoing maintenance in preparation for the upcoming harvest season from July to December.

As well as the interesting insight into the rum production, it was quite a delight listening to our guide with her beautiful Mauritian-French accent.

After the fresh sugarcane juice is filtered, it is filled into stainless steel vats to start the fermentation process.

Stopping for the complimentary mid-tour rum cocktail.

After fermentation the rum is then double distilled in these copper columns.

The ageing cellar where the rum is kept for up to 6 years in French and American oak barrels.

And about to taste their wide range of rums with everything from their classic white to the coffee liquer.

Unfortunately Rianda had to make do with just a whiff of the rich and flavorful smells though.

And buying a bottle of the spiced rum to take home.

After a short drive down the mountain we arrived at the Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort.

And inside the grand lobby to check-in.

Welcome drink, cookies and cool towel.

We were then led to our accomodation.

The beautiful plantation-style resort had plenty of palm trees and a lovely location right on the beach.

Our double sea view room including half-board was $386 for our one night stay. There were a few interesting old black and white photos on the wall depicting life on Mauritius as it once was.

Complete with cute welcome arrangement on the bed.

The spacious bathroom with large double bath.

Terrace with table and chairs.

And a short walk away was the main resort pool.

The lounger lined pool with the green grass to the north and the sandy beach to the south.

The pier leading out to the reef waters.

And a great spot for another holiday snap.

Looking down on the west-side of the resort with the main Mercado buffet restaurant top-right.

The sugarcane fields of Bel Ombre in the background.

The southern coastline of the island extending to the east.

And the sun beginning to set to the west.

In the evening we went to Mercado, the main buffet restaurant. Rather than have one main food station, they had several smaller ones situated around the restaurant with each one dedicated to different cuisines including North and South Asian, European, Mediterranean and local Mauritian cuisine.

Some seafood soup to start.

And a tasty selection from the Mauritian cuisine selection including wild pig and fresh mussels.

Rianda also managed to find some of her favorite South African dishes including Bobotie.

And finishing with some sweet indulgence from the wide range of desserts.

Day 5.

Up before dawn with the blue light of dusk casting a beautiful glow over the southern coast.

To the west with Le Morne Brabant Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visible.

Sunlight beginning to filter through the clouds to the north.

A panorama with the breaking waves ringing the coast.

Fields of sugarcane below.

The sun finally starting to break though.

The four resort swimming pools now visible from above.

And the morning sun now casting a warm glow across the resort.

I then went out for a morning jog.

And valiantly tried to work off some of the overindulgence the night before!

A delicious alfresco breakfast back at the hotel including fish balls, streaky bacon and a big pot of coffee.

We then went for a dip in the hotel pool.

And then relaxed on a couple of sun loungers on the beach.

Unfortunately the tide was too low to go kayaking so I had a quick swim with the tiger damselfish on the resort reef instead.

Our five days of relaxation unfortunately had to come to an end however and just before 12pm we checked out of the resort and began the drive back to the airport.

Fuelling up the little Nissan in Mare D'Albert before dropping it back to Sixt. Only 900 rupees ($25) of fuel for the five days of driving.

And about to check-in for our 16:35 flight back to Dubai.

I was able to check-in online earlier in the day but Rianda was locked out for some reason. At the check-in counter we learnt that the flight was oversold and that she wouldn't get her seat assignment until at the gate! After a bit of panic, the agent quickly clarified that there was enough seats on the plane and just economy was oversold.

Rianda eventually got her seat assignment just before boarding, albeit 20 rows behind me unfortunately.

And about to board the Emirates A380 at the end of a very relaxing five days in Mauritius!

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