Day 4.

I got up early and walked up to Columbus Circle to take the Subway down to the Financial District.

The famous Wall Street Charging Bull at Bowling Green Park. It was just after 7am and apart from two or three people the hordes of tourists I had seen the other day had yet to form.

The Fearless Girl statue that was placed four days previously on International Women's Day. The statue was designed by Kristen Visbal and was commissioned by investment firm State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) as an advertisement for an index fund which comprised of gender-diverse companies.

The artist of Charging Bull, Arturo Di Modica, later protested to city officials who let the Fearless Girl statue be installed, saying that the statue distorts Charging Bull's artistic interpretation from "a symbol of prosperity and strength" into an evil villain.

I then headed to Fulton Street Subway Station to catch the train to the Lower East Side.

And after a short walk in the rain, outside Katz's Delicatessen, a New York City institution. First founded in 1888, it is a popular local deli both for locals and tourists with its famous pastrami sandwiches which have often been lauded as one of New York City's best.

I arrived just before 8am and was the second one in the door. Katz's is also known as the location for the famous deli scene in the movie, When Harry met Sally. On the walls were also photos of the many celebrities who had visited the deli.

After collecting my ticket, I lined up to order my pastrami sandwich.

A piece of warm pastrami to taste. Mouth-wateringly tender!

And along with a fresh cup of coffee for a very tasty breakfast. $22 so not cheap but well worth it. The ticket system they had was quite interesting, where they added the items you bought on it, and then paid at the main counter as you leave.

After another walk through the rain, I headed underground again to catch the Subway back to the Financial District.

Outside the New York Stock Exchange.

I then walked down to the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. I had booked a 10am heli-tour of the New York skyline, but unfortunately with the weather today all flights had been cancelled.

A short walk away was the terminal for the Staten Island Ferry. Darrel had recommended taking the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Athough the weather wasn't great, I had some spare time after the cancelled helicopter flight and I figured a ride on the ferry would be fun.

Passing another ferry returning from Staten Island.

Visibility was pretty bad, so I had to use my GPS to know when we passed the Statue. 10 points if you can make it out!

And at the terminal on Staten Island, where I caught the ferry back to Manhattan.

A South Ferry Station, catching the Subway back up to Midtown.

And back to Columbus Circle, where the forecast for snow was finally starting to become true!

After checking out of my hotel and storing my bag, I headed to Central Park.

It looked very different from when I had visited the previous morning!

A tree covered in fresh snowflakes.

Looking over to the Upper West Side with the ground blanketed in a beautiful layer of snow.

A NYC Parks Enforcement Horse Patrol.

Outside the Met, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It was about 1pm, so I indulged in another quintessiential food of New York City cuisine, a hot dog!

After walking further up Fifth Avenue, I arrived at the Guggenheim. The Frank Lloyd Wright designed building was very striking and was a wonderful contrast from the surrounding box-shaped towers.

There was a bit of a queue of people standing outside in the cold to get in, but luckily I was able to skip waiting and head straight inside with my New York City pass.

Looking out to the atrium and levels of the museum. Wright's plan was for visitors to ride to the top by elevator and then descend at a leisurely pace along the gentle slope of the continuous ramp, and to view the atrium of the building as the last work of art.

Looking down at one of the galleries.

Dominant Curve by Wassily Kandinsky. Solomon R. Guggenheim had been collecting works of the old masters since the 1890s. In 1926, he met artist Hilla von Rebay, who introduced him to European avant-garde art. Guggenheim then completely changed his collecting strategy, turning to the work of Wassily Kandinsky and others.

Environs du Jas de Bouffan by Paul Cézanne.

One of the earlier works of Pablo Picasso.

Yellow Cow by Franz Marc.

A very interesting kinetic sculpture by a Chinese artist which consisted of a industrial robot, randomly sweeping red hydraulic fluid!

I spotted a queue of people waiting to use one of the toilets. At the end of the queue was a card saying that it was a piece of art called America by Maurizio Cattelan. Intrigued, I did a quick google and decided to join the line too.

And after 15 minutes I got to see the 18 carat solid gold toilet! The toilet is an exact replica of the other toilets in the museum, and is described by artist Maurizio Cattelan as “100% art for the 99%”. It was my first time relieving myself on a piece of art, and I must admit it was oddly satisfying. Definitely one of my more unusual travel experiences!

Outside and the sun was finally shining again. This distinctive cylindrical building was Wright's last major work and he unfortunately passed away six months before its opening.

I then headed for a walk down Madison Avenue.

Looking up at 432 Park Avenue, the world's tallest residential building.

And outside NY Jumbo Bagel in Midtown, a place my friend Dan had recommended for my third dose of New York City cuisine for the day.

A very tasty lox and cheese bagel with a sweet cannoli to finish.

I then continued my walk around Midtown. Outside the Waldorf Astoria, now closed for renovation after being sold for $1.95 billion in 2014, the world's highest price paid for a hotel.

Looking across to the luxury department store, Saks Fifth Avenue.

A bust of Bart Simpson outside the News Corp. Building on Sixth Avenue.

Outside the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in Lincoln Square.

Looking up at the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle.

The temperature started to dip below zero so I retreated into the Pret A Manger on Broadway and had some hot coffee.

I then headed back to the hotel to pickup my suitcase and wait for my ride to the airport, which duly arrived on time just after 8pm.

And outside Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, ready to check in for my 11pm flight back to Dubai.

After passing through security and spending my stack of quarters and dimes, I headed upstairs to the Emirates lounge.

When I arrived the lounge was very busy as there was also a 10:20pm Emirates A380 flight to Milan tonight, although I was still able to grab a seat.

Salmon, chocolate mousse and some Perrier to fill the gap before dinner on the plane.

Boarding the EK A380 on time at 10:30pm.

My seat for tonight's flight, 17D.

With the personal mini-bar I missed on the 777.

And the obligatory glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne that was soon served.

I opted for the ladies amenity kit this time to give to Rianda.

Chris Pine and Ben Foster fleeing after robbing a bank in Hell or High Water.

The menu for tonight's 12.5 hour flight from New York to Dubai.

A glass of French red wine and mixed nuts before dinner was served soon after take-off.

For the starter I opted for the traditional Arabic mezze with houmous, moutabel, muhammara and stuffed vine leaves.

The slow-braised lamb shank for the main, served off the bone with thyme reduction, mashed potatoes, glazed turnips and carrots.

And a very tasty cheese board to finish.

After the delicious meal, I extended the seat to get some much needed sleep.

After a great four hours sleep, I retreated to the bar for a drink. Most people were still asleep so I had it all to myself.

I had to work tomorrow, so settled for a simple lemonade and ice.

Flying high over the Mediterranean as we make our way closer to Dubai.

Watching an episode of Fear the Walking Dead with New Zealand actor, Cliff Curtis. After building his Hollywood career playing various Arab, Hispanic and Indian characters, it was interesting to note that he was now playing a character with the same ethinicity as his own, Māori.

Scrambled eggs, baked beans and veal sausages that was served for breakfast about 2 hours out from Dubai.

Followed by a hot cup of black coffee.

A fast track card for immigration. With the smart gates at DXB now though, it wasn't really necessary.

Nearing the coast of the UAE.

At the luggage belt waiting for my suitcase.

And about to catch a ride home at the end of an amazing trip to Mexico City, San Diego, Havana and New York!

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