A trip around the Arabian/Persian Gulf, visiting three new countries, Kuwait, Bahrain & Qatar, taking an anti-clockwise route (DXB-KWI-BAH-DOH-DXB) on four flights.

Day 0.

At the currency exchange getting some cash before heading off to the airport after work. From left to right, 30 Kuwaiti dinars, 40 Bahraini dinars & 400 Qatari riyals. The Kuwaiti dinars were probably the most interesting, the most valuable currency in the world with 1 dinar = $NZ5!

Outside Terminal 3 at Dubai airport on Wednesday night. Really like the EK slogan.

At Kuwait airport after managing to get my visa with the right stamps. The stamps were supposed to be 3 dinar, but cost me 7 after the vending machine decided to eat my money!

My room at the Oasis Hotel in Kuwait city. Nothing flash but nice and clean.

View from the hotel window on the 9th floor.

Day 1.

In Kuwait City on Thursday morning with Liberation tower in the distance.

The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah IV Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on the right with Kuwaiti flags fluttering in the morning breeze.

At the beach.

At the Memorial Museum for the 1990 Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait. Note the NZ flag top right.

The museum had some great diorama's of the various stages of the invasion and war. Here the royal palace is being attacked.

The 'scorched earth' when the Iraqi's ignited the oil wells before they fled.

The last exhibits cover the downfall of Saddam in the 2003 Iraq war. The head of a statue of Saddam from Baghdad.

The famous Kuwait (water) Towers.

Late afternoon lunch by the gulf.

Peak hour after the catch of the day is brought in from the Gulf at the Kuwait Fish markets.


At the Kuwait central souq.

Some prayer beads in the colour of the Kuwaiti flag I bought as a souvenir at the souq.

At Kuwait International on Thursday night, about to fly United Airlines to Bahrain.

Catching a cab into Manama in Bahrain. Was quite surprised to be driven by a local!

At the Holiday Inn in Manama, definitely a step up from the previous night.

Day 2.

Some Indian expats playing cricket on Friday morning in Manama, Bahrain.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Bahrain, and one of the biggest in the world. Unfortunately only Muslims are allowed inside in the weekend.

The King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, in the centre, and the prime minister on the left and the crown prince on the right.

At the Bahrain National Museum. A really amazing place, had some really interesting exhibits, as well as this cool gallery of local artwork.

The famous Bahrain World Trade Centre Towers, with wind turbines in the middle

Bab Al Bahrain, or 'Gateway of Bahrain'. Built by the British in 1945, it used to be on the waterfront. With extensive land reclamation however, it is now ~500 metres from the sea.

At the Central Fruit & Vege markets.


And at the fish markets.

Late afternoon banana smoothie and chicken sandwich.

The locals at a coffee house.

Friday night and the police were out in force after the recent 'troubles'.

At Bahrain Airport, about to catch a BA 777 to Doha, Qatar on Friday evening.

The flight was super-short, lasted <30 minutes and we never got above 13,000 feet.

Arrival at Doha airport in Qatar, new country #21 for this year!

Day 3.

At my friends compund in Doha, Rochelle & Steve from NZ on Saturday morning.

We then headed out for a feed at a local breakfast place popular with the American expats.

American-sized servings too!

We then went for a walk along the Corniche. The Doha skyline and dhows in the foreground. Apparently 15 years ago none of these buildings existed!

We then went into the 'old' part of town. Had some beautiful Arabian horses there.

Some locals taking it easy.

At the falconry centre.

Shopping in the souq.

Take your pick!

Artists at work.

Outside the Museum of Islamic Art where they had a photo exhibition on the Hajj pilgrimage. The architect for the museum was I.M. Pei, who also designed the Pyramid at the Louvre.

The Doha skyline again through the arches of the Museum.

A pigeon tower out at Katara, a cultural/theatre centre.

For the final stop of the day we went out to the Pearl, a man-made peninsula, and had some chocolate mud cake.

About to board an Emirates 777 on Saturday night for the flight back to Dubai after an amazing trip!
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