Photo's from the Yas Marina Drag Racing Festival in Abu Dhabi.

NHRA Top Fuel Drag racer, 'Hot' Rod Fuller, laying down some rubber at the start line. Rod is based in Abu Dhabi, coaching local drag racers, and races in the US as part of the Yas Marina team.

A Pontiac Firebird wrinkling up the rear wheels.

Just a gratuitious V8 shot.

The Yas Marina team reassembling the V8 on Rod Fuller's Top Fuel car. The engine is stripped apart and refurbished after every run. The supercharger runs up to 5 bar (75 psi), takes about 900hp to drive, and is encased in kevlar to stop shrapnel shredding the driver if it explodes.

A black Chevy blasting down the track.

Another Pro Stock car giving the rear tyres hell. My first time at the drags, so was expecting to use similar panning technique as the normal racing cars, boy was I wrong!

Urs Erbacher from Switzerland, the current FIA world drag champion, in his Top Fuel Dragster. The Top fuel cars are the fastest drag cars of all, run on nitromethane, put out 8000+ horsepower and reach 500+ kph in less than 4 seconds (and very hard to pan with!).

They even had a dragster for the family!

A Ford Mustang giving it heaps. The guys in the background had special 'track side' tickets literally 5 metres from the action. Only $40 extra so will have to get one next time (although you had to sign a waiver in case a backfire sends flaming hot shrapnel in your direction).

The jet car warming up...

... and clearing its lungs. I had earplugs on, but could literally feel my kidney's vibrating for this shot.

Blast off!

'Hot' Rod Fuller blasting down the track on his last run for the night. He eventually won with a time of 3.901 seconds over the 1000 feet track, with a top speed of 507.8 kph (and only 4kph off the world record). Top fuel dragsters only do 1000ft (as opposed to a 1/4 mile) due to safety reasons.

Rod getting towed back to the pits. Note the fire retardant over the engine due to a fire at the finish line. There is also a titanium shell just behind the cockpit, to stop flying shrapnel in case the engine explodes.

My favourite shot of the night, Urs Erbacher blasting off on his way to 500+kph at 8.5 G's ! If you ever get the chance to see Top Fuel dragsters, I definitely recommend it (and make sure you bring grade 5 earmuffs)!

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