Photo's from the first round of the Aussie V8 Supercars in Abu Dhabi, racing on the Yas Marina F1 circuit.

Mark Winterbottom in the FPR Falcon during qualifying. No explanation needed for his nickname ('Frosty').

James Courtney in the Toll HRT Commodore. Drove for Ford last year and won the series, but has defected to the 'dark side' for 2011.

Tim Slade in the Lucky 7 Ford, being trailled Karl Reindler.

Craig Lowndes in the Vodafone Commodore.

Shane van Gisbergen in the SP Tools Ford. A youngin' at only 21 years old.

Alex Davison on 3 wheels.

Fabian Coulthard flooring it out of the corner in the Huzzah Racing Commodore.

Russell Ingall, a.k.a. 'The Enforcer', in the Supercheap Commodore. At 47, is the most experienced driver in the series (next oldest is Greg Murphy at 38).

Steven Johnson in the DJR Ford leading a pack of angry V8's down the back straight on the first lap of the race. Although the qualifying was in the afternoon, the main race was under lights in the evening.

Just like the Auckland motorway at rush hour.

Jason Bright testing the ABS on the first corner at the end of the back straight.

Alex Davison chasing former championship winner Jamie Whincup into one of the corners.

Warren Luff in the Gulf Western Oil Commodore being heading down the main straight.

Brothers Rick and Todd in the Kelly Racing Commodores.

Davison again, giving the brake discs a beating at the end of the back straight.

Garth Tander in the Toll HRT Commodore, about the lap Russell Ingall.

Paul Drumbell in the Bottle-O Racing Falcon, with Tim Slade nipping at his back tyres.

Rick Kelly and Steve Owen in the VIP Pet Foods Falcon, accelerating out of one of the corners.

Micahel Caruso at the apex of the corner in the Fujitsu Racing Commodore.

James Whincup again. I mainly shot at 1/250th but this is one of the few keepers at 1/125th of a second.

Some of the drivers negotiating the 'S' bend.

Todd Kelly pulling past Steve Owen.

The brake discs on one of the HRT cars glowing red hot under heavy breaking.

Lee Holdsworth's Commodore burping out some flames after jumping on the gas mid-corner.

Tim Slade again in the Lucky 7 Ford.

Johnathon Webb in the Mother Energy Commodore accelerating down the main straight, trailled by Greg Murthy in the Pepsi Max Commodore.

Michael Caruso in his now battle scarred Fujitsu Racing Commodore.

Todd Kelly chucking his Commodore around the corner.

Steve Owen following Will Davison and Rick Kelly into the corner.

Johnathon Webb again in the Mother Energy Racing Ford.

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