Photo's from the Dubai Motocross Champs.

Getting ready at the starting line. My first go at photographing motocross, so was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

As long as you wore a high vis vest, you were allowed unfettered access to the track, so was a great chance to get up close and personal with the UWA.

Was a great to watch (and hear) as well as photograph.

The quad bikes tearing up the track.

Shot at the top of the first jump. Very hard to catch them when they 'popped' up at the top, but well worth the few keepers I got.

I tried to shoot at around 1/800th for the longer shots to get some motion blur on the tyres, but keep the rider and bike as sharp as possible.

At the first turn after the start.

You can see the tear-off visors they wore that were very necessary with all the dust and sand.

Myself and the camera gear got a good coating of sand too!

One of the 85cc riders.

Some more fun with the UWA.

An unconventional shot, but I liked how this tight crop came out (of the camera).

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