Some photo's from a MMA (Mixed martial Arts) competition, the Dubai Fighting Championship.

Stav 'Crazy Bear' Economou and Ricco Rodriguez in a tangle of limbs and torso's.

Saber Ghorbani recoling from a big hit from Brit, Frank Spencer...

...and re-arranging his nose. All shots taken with the 5D3 + 70-200 with manual focus (AF wasn't too reliable with the cage wire!).

Fabricio Nascimento and Mohammad Naemi sizing each other up.

Fabricio celebrating after the fight lasted less than 30 seconds after Mohammad 'tapped out' after a choker hold.

Round number #1 for Nilson Lopes.

Lopes battering Iranian Morteza Minbashi into submission.

Bhupesh Kamble from India trying to squeeze the life out of Rafat Shawe.

Shawe fighting back after a lucky escape.

The big Iraqi celebrating the win over Kamble.

Omid Balkham going down after connecting with the fist of Matteo Piran from Italy.

Piran pummeling the life out of a defenceless Balkham. He was stopped shortly after and declared the winner since Balkham could not fend off the barrage of blows.

Brazilian Michel Maia sizing up his taller opponent, Mohammad Ramshidi.

Ramshidi throwing a desperate punch at Maia.

Maia pinning Ramshidi to the canvas.

Maia with his fists in the air after winning the fight.

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