Photo's from the 3rd round of the Asian 5 Nations.

UAE played against Kazakhstan at the Sevens Stadium.

The UAE converting their first try. The game was a 'must win' for both teams in order to avoid possile relegation from the 'Top 5'.

A couple of the UAE players tackling the big Kazakh prop.

The UAE running for the posts...

...and scoring another try. The UAE dominated the first half, 29-0.

1 versus 2. The match started at 4pm, with a balmy ambient of 38C!

One of the Kazakh backs making a successful fend close to the try line.

Kazakhstan looking for a gap in the UAE line. They came back strong in the second half and piled on four tries...

... but unfortunately missed this one when it was sucessfully held up by the UAE defense.

Off the back of the scrum.

Kazakhstan piling on the pressure at the UAE try line.

The UAE digging deep for another try late in the second half.

One last scrum.

Triumphant UAE at the end of the match, winning 46-31.

Just a shot of the protogs, 4 x 400L lenses.

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