Thanks for stopping by. I am a photographer that has been gradually developing up my skills and photographic 'eye' over the last 10 years and my work has been featured in the below publications:

- New Zealand Herald Newspaper

- D-Photo Magazine

- Going Places Travel Magazine

- New York Times Website

- East African Business Journal

I don’t restrict myself to any type or genre of photography, and endeavour to expand my abilities and experience through capturing the fast paced action of sport, exploring the streets of a bustling city, or photographing landscape out in the countryside.

Photography is also an artistic outlet for me, and I enjoy the whole creative process; from scoping out locations and subjects, framing the shot, through to the post-click tweaking of the image to bring out it’s full potential. I love the thrill of capturing the moment, and the satisfaction from getting 'the shot' that makes all the preparation, frustration, and hard work all worthwhile.

I like the flexibility of the medium also, to express what I see and what I feel, and how it makes it easy to convey this to other people. I hope you enjoy the photographs, and I always appreciate comments and questions, and be emailed here.

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